You can now purchase your discounted wristbands and tickets for our BRAND NEW Exira 4th of July carnival, Scott Amusements, at the following local business:

The Exira Public Library
Rasmussen, Nelson & Wonio Law Office
Exira Farm Service
TJs Pour House
Main Street Salon
The Elk Horn Public Library
The Broadway
Any Exira Community Club board member can get you tickets as well!

Each wristband can be used for any one day of your choice. The following times and dates are when wristbands will be accepted:
Wednesday July 3rd from 5-8pm
Thursday July 4th from 5-8pm
Friday July 5th from 4-7pm
Saturday July 6th from 2-5pm

Tickets may be used ANYTIME during the 4 day stay! You may also purchase wristbands for all 4 days if you would like!

Sheet of ten tickets-$7.50

This is a great addition to our 4th of July celebration! However times have changed and we were required to pay for the carnival this year. Help support us by purchasing the advanced tickets and wristbands to help offset the cost so we can keep this wonderful tradition going! THANK YOU! ?????

June Meeting Notes

June 20th 2018

Members present: Abby Rasmussen, Judy Bintner, Karla Bieker, Riann Hansen, Megan Wilkerson, Katie Glade, Steph Petersen, and Jessie Wheeler


KNOD interview


Ad in the paper with a schedule of events running Friday and Monday before the 4th

Posters – being delivered

Chanel 99 METC?


2nd -4th

Waiting to hear type of rides being brought

Food Trucks

Still contacting

Car Show

Sell golf balls

Help with loading/set up night before/early morning

Use little PA for tractor ride

Road Run

Friday morning stuff bags (6/29)

May need someone at water stop for 10K


Ivory to keep vintage look

Order kids sizes too

Firemen shits through Audubon


Blurb about why the firemen are heroes to their families


Possible street parking if school lot not finished

Bring lawn chairs/blankets – no bleachers

Concession stand: popcorn, Mr Freeze, and use pop trailer from Rodeo

Beer Garden

Vernie find workers for softball tournament

Matt put up the fence

Park garden closed at 9 on the 3rd

RT Motors two tables 20 and 25 ft – $35 for 24 hours

Concession Stand

Jessie W – all good to go


Cattlemen provide meat

Karla B – all good

Kiddie Parade

Katie G – need carnival tickets for participants

Kiddie Tractor Pull

Riann will do registration


Amber Wilson Family

Junior Grand

Need signs

Grand Marshal’s

Use big banner from the band on the firetruck

May Meeting Notes

May 24th 2018

Members present: Jessie Wheeler, Riann Hansen, Karla Bieker, Steph Petersen, Abby Rasmussen, Katie Glade, Megan Wilkerson, Judy BIntner.

Katie Glade motioned to give library $50 for printing and items for daddy/daughter dance and Karla seconded. All in favor. Jessie W abstained from vote as it’s a conflict of interest.

METC lounge – asking about installation, monthly fees, possible mounted projector

Send letter to fire stations to only bring one firetruck for the parade

Loan approved through Exira Exchange State Bank for line of credit ($200,000)

Chairs form Sam’s club (10 broken now) and ordered 80. Will need to contact customer service

Relay for Life rain back up at the Rec Center on June 8th

New pricing for renting the Rec Center – tabled for now

Recertification of firemen for fireworks training $750

Casey Groves ideas – sound designing and looked at kitchn

LeMars – The Browns (Christain based band) to play a Sunday afternoon concert to raise money for Rec Reno

Carnival July 2nd – 4th : Old School Amusements, $6,000 and then 15% of ticket sales

Exira Road Run –

Flyer – “pocket calendar” attached for people to take one

Softball – Katie Wheeler doing concession stand

Tables for BBQ – pick up Tuesday? Carroll or RT motors?

Liquor license – separate for rodeo/park; transfer to softball only

Street dance – gates?

Sell table in the rec on the 4th for day only $25


Next Meeting June 20th at 6:30 pm

April Meeting Notes

April 16th 2018

In attendance: Abby Rasmussen, Katie Wheeler, Steph Peteresen, Katie Glade, Riann Hansen, Megan Wilkerson, Judy Bintner, and Jessie Wheeler.

4th of July Kickoff:

Confirm tickets sold soon

Newspaper – run bio on hypnotist; ran ad

Clean up – mop, set up tables and chairs, wipe down the kitchen, sweep, wipe down the bathrooms

Karla mop Tuesday night

Enter through hallway/lounge to not to disturb food line

Have dessert plates, still need dinner plates, silverware, and green beans

Bartenders: Brian and Patty, bring bar on wheels

Ticket Takers: Abby, Katie Glade

Kitchen: Katie and Jessie Wheeler

Everyone arrive at 5pm

Clean up – after church Sunday (9:30)

Other Businesses

Membership drive will be on the back of the water bill

Audubon County State Bank donated $5000 for Rec Reno

May 1st is cut off for brick sales

Exira State Bank can do a line of credit for 1 year with 3.8% interest rate as early as May 14th. Need copy of 2018 city budget

4th of July Logo – Hannah’s for shirt and Amy’s for float

4th of July Band – Roger Burger Band

New name for Rec Center: Exira Civic Center?

New chairs – white lifetime?

Next Meeting May 21st at 6:30

March Meeting Notes

March 19th 2018 Regular Meeting

Entry way: -more wall to addition and open up main area

-which way does the door swing; recessed? Angled? Kind of door?

Closures: which door needs locks?

Bar – swing out; kickstand; closure; regular class

Matte black on hardware

TV above the fireplace?


Softball Tournament

  • Took out foul rule
  • Clarified time limit
  • 10 teams
  • Food truck vs concessions
  • Prizes


  • Ask Leo’s to help
  • Cash prizes
  • 2 liters; snacks; cheap toys
  • Ball crank from Brayton?
  • Set up Thursday night 4pm


  • Finish PayPal setup

4th of July

  • Need a street dance band
  • Basketball team as Jr Grand Marshal – Katie motioned and Riann seconded
  • Rodeo 2 days again
  • Float – tribute to fireman; park on street between Auto Clinic and museum; hand out highlight of events
  • Road Run: can now donate online; sign up on line; will ask to add t-shirt only option online

Next Meeting Monday April 16th at 6:30pm


February 2018 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Abby Rasmussen, Karla Beiker, Jessie Wheeler, Steph Petersen, Katie Glade, Megan Wilkerson, Riann Hansen, Judy Binter, and Viking Construction.
Secretary notes were read and approved.

BINGO March 23rd
Judy will contact Vernie Venteicher to ask questions on how the run BINGO in Brayton – time, number of games, borrowing BINGO cards, etc.
We will charge $0.25 per card per game
6pm start time
Prizes will be items such as stamps, tote bags, homemade bars, water bottles, candy, local gift cards, etc.
We will serve Nacho’s, Walking Tacos, Hot dogs, and popcorn. The bar will be open.
We will need 2 people to call/sort balls, 3-4 to take money and check cards, 2 for Food and 1 for prizes. The Leo’s will be asked to help. Riann will be in charge of the concession stand and Megan will call.
Remember to do a Facebook push for the event.
Katie Wheeler will make flyers for around town and ½ sheet flyers to go home in the Friday folders – needs to be to Riann by March 12th
Use the ball spinner and racker, but not light up board this time.

We will purchase two mirrors for above each sink in the women’s bathroom and a full length mirror for the east wall. The faucets are ordered. Need to purchase changing station for women’s and men’s.
Barn door kits will be ordered from Amazon in black. The barn doors will be picture framed without the “Z”.
A motion light will be installed in the addition.
Lobby ceiling – use car siding (has more options for stain) and the pillars will be cedar
A ladder will need to be purchased for addition to access loft storage.

4th of July Kick-off
Keep selling tickets!
Add more auction items to the Google document
Beth and Kim will use the school kitchen to cook the meat balls and keep them warm in roasters.
Jessie will contact Patty about using the Lion’s building to prepare and store cheesecake the week of April 16th. We will need seventeen 9×13 pans

Other Business
Sunday March 5th we will meet at 1pm to clean the rec center for the event scheduled for March 6th
Firemen need to do their 3 year training for fireworks. $75 per person. Asking community club to pay for training.
Membership Drive: post on water bill, sign, Facebook, and email
One more order of bricks will be sent in (no date yet). $50 for personalized brick, up to 3 lines or 18 characters
Host a talent show in the gazeebo for BBQ entertainment on the 3rd?
Karla will present idea of 4H selling food at the rodeo at their March meeting

Treasurers report was read and approved.

Next meeting Monday March 19th

January 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Members and public present: Judy Binter, Abby Rasmussen, Steph Peteresen, Jessie Wheeler, Katie
Wheeler, Megan Wilkerson, Riann, Hansen, Karla Beiker, Katie, Glade, and Carrie Waller.

Secretary notes were read and approved.

Rec Reno:
Carrie Waller of Carrie Waller Interior Paint and Design was present to help pick colors and
give a bid for painting the restrooms.
Bathroom and bar paint color: Revere Pewter
Bathroom partitions: Almond
Countertops: Journey
Carpet: River Rock
Cabinet: Birch Pearl
Fixtures and handles: Brushed Bronze
Carrie’s bid: supplies, paint, and labor $470
Katie Wheeler motioned to accept the bid and finalize colors. Karla 2nd the motion and all approved.

Megan will meet with Derek by mid February to learn how to run the website. Until then, she
will send him information to continue to update the website. The PayPal account is set up and will be on
the website shortly as well as the ability to pay membership fees.

Addition to board member responsibilities:
If any board member misses 3 consecutive meetings with
out just cause, the board can elect to fill that board seat with another candidate.
Megan motioned and Riann 2nd with all in favor.

Board and officer nominations:
Katie Wheeler motioned for Steph Petersen to join the board. Katie Glade 2nd with all in favor.
Riann nominated Judy for Treasure. Steph 2nd with all in favor.
Jessie nominated Abby as President. Katie Wheeler 2nd with all in favor.
Karla nominated Riann as Vice President. Judy 2nd with all in favor.
Riann nominated Megan as Secretary. Katie Wheeler 2nd with all in favor.

Membership Drive:
Push for membership sign up online, but will still accept checks.
Send letters to those past members we know may not be able to sign up online.
$10 individual, $15 family, $25 businesses (all separate).
Add a blurb on letter and website on how ECC has given back to Exira (This is where your money goes!)

Business Group:
On the website, have the logos for each business and feature a business a month
Carol Lea will be stepping back from Fall Festival
We need someone to take charge of: kiddy train, hayrack ride, gazeebo decorating, park vendors
Colleen Reisgaard may also be stepping back – will need someone to fill her shoes too
With the widening of F58, the group would like the sidewalks to connect to the bike trail

Trivia Night:
Just Trivia in February – no band
Rec Center or Fire Hall depending on renovation progress

4th of July Kick off:
Action Items: check out the Google doc and call possible donators. Put your name by confirmed
donators. Wayne will be auctioning
Tickets: Abby is creating these through an app
Quilt: one raffled off with tickets other live auctioned at event
Ad: Tuesday paper ½ page for $150. Promote on Facebook to check the ad out in the paper
Mel will do the cheesey potatoes
Hamburger will be donated
Asking Hy-Vee or Fareway for lower price on hamloaf
Dessert: cheesecake with assorted toppings
Ask Beth and Jane to prepare the meal – not serve
Decorations: 4 th of July themed
Timeline: 5:30-6:30 Happy Hour; 6:30-7:30 Dinner; 7:30-8 auction, theme, grand marshals, etc.; 8-9
Grand Marshal’s: Firemen – Exira and those communities that helped with the fire this summer
Theme: Home is Where Your Hero Is
Katie Glade motioned to approve Grand Marshall and Theme. Megan 2nd with all in favor.

Discuss at next meeting

4th of July:
Darla and her band would like to perform at the street dance
Still need entertainment for street dance and BBQ
No T-Bone at the Rodoe – looking for more snacky vendors

Treasure’s report read and approved.

Next Meeting Monday February 19th at the Rec Center 6:30p