May Meeting Notes

May 24th 2018

Members present: Jessie Wheeler, Riann Hansen, Karla Bieker, Steph Petersen, Abby Rasmussen, Katie Glade, Megan Wilkerson, Judy BIntner.

Katie Glade motioned to give library $50 for printing and items for daddy/daughter dance and Karla seconded. All in favor. Jessie W abstained from vote as it’s a conflict of interest.

METC lounge – asking about installation, monthly fees, possible mounted projector

Send letter to fire stations to only bring one firetruck for the parade

Loan approved through Exira Exchange State Bank for line of credit ($200,000)

Chairs form Sam’s club (10 broken now) and ordered 80. Will need to contact customer service

Relay for Life rain back up at the Rec Center on June 8th

New pricing for renting the Rec Center – tabled for now

Recertification of firemen for fireworks training $750

Casey Groves ideas – sound designing and looked at kitchn

LeMars – The Browns (Christain based band) to play a Sunday afternoon concert to raise money for Rec Reno

Carnival July 2nd – 4th : Old School Amusements, $6,000 and then 15% of ticket sales

Exira Road Run –

Flyer – “pocket calendar” attached for people to take one

Softball – Katie Wheeler doing concession stand

Tables for BBQ – pick up Tuesday? Carroll or RT motors?

Liquor license – separate for rodeo/park; transfer to softball only

Street dance – gates?

Sell table in the rec on the 4th for day only $25


Next Meeting June 20th at 6:30 pm

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