June Meeting Notes

June 20th 2018

Members present: Abby Rasmussen, Judy Bintner, Karla Bieker, Riann Hansen, Megan Wilkerson, Katie Glade, Steph Petersen, and Jessie Wheeler


KNOD interview


Ad in the paper with a schedule of events running Friday and Monday before the 4th

Posters – being delivered

Chanel 99 METC?


2nd -4th

Waiting to hear type of rides being brought

Food Trucks

Still contacting

Car Show

Sell golf balls

Help with loading/set up night before/early morning

Use little PA for tractor ride

Road Run

Friday morning stuff bags (6/29)

May need someone at water stop for 10K


Ivory to keep vintage look

Order kids sizes too

Firemen shits through Audubon


Blurb about why the firemen are heroes to their families


Possible street parking if school lot not finished

Bring lawn chairs/blankets – no bleachers

Concession stand: popcorn, Mr Freeze, and use pop trailer from Rodeo

Beer Garden

Vernie find workers for softball tournament

Matt put up the fence

Park garden closed at 9 on the 3rd

RT Motors two tables 20 and 25 ft – $35 for 24 hours

Concession Stand

Jessie W – all good to go


Cattlemen provide meat

Karla B – all good

Kiddie Parade

Katie G – need carnival tickets for participants

Kiddie Tractor Pull

Riann will do registration


Amber Wilson Family

Junior Grand

Need signs

Grand Marshal’s

Use big banner from the band on the firetruck