April Meeting Notes

April 16th 2018

In attendance: Abby Rasmussen, Katie Wheeler, Steph Peteresen, Katie Glade, Riann Hansen, Megan Wilkerson, Judy Bintner, and Jessie Wheeler.

4th of July Kickoff:

Confirm tickets sold soon

Newspaper – run bio on hypnotist; ran ad

Clean up – mop, set up tables and chairs, wipe down the kitchen, sweep, wipe down the bathrooms

Karla mop Tuesday night

Enter through hallway/lounge to not to disturb food line

Have dessert plates, still need dinner plates, silverware, and green beans

Bartenders: Brian and Patty, bring bar on wheels

Ticket Takers: Abby, Katie Glade

Kitchen: Katie and Jessie Wheeler

Everyone arrive at 5pm

Clean up – after church Sunday (9:30)

Other Businesses

Membership drive will be on the back of the water bill

Audubon County State Bank donated $5000 for Rec Reno

May 1st is cut off for brick sales

Exira State Bank can do a line of credit for 1 year with 3.8% interest rate as early as May 14th. Need copy of 2018 city budget

4th of July Logo – Hannah’s for shirt and Amy’s for float

4th of July Band – Roger Burger Band

New name for Rec Center: Exira Civic Center?

New chairs – white lifetime?

Next Meeting May 21st at 6:30

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